E.L. Gross Jr. is a friend of small business entrepreneurs of Minnesota.  Mr. Gross and family members have many years of experience in small businesses.  Mr. Gross received his formal and on job training in Minnesota.  Today he spends much of his time writing creatively and offering to meet social obligations with his family at church and volunteer organizations.  


Ed has owned and operated numerous retail sales organizations including franchise operations.  His organizations have also manufactured commercial product lines inclusive of industrial equipment.  Mr. Gross' graphics art services have created signage and print services for literature in marketing business opportunities and modern conservative ideas.


TC Topps,' "Topper" which is Ed Gross' alias or online name, he has developed numerous integrated website designs for the internet inclusive of business and social networking websites.


His number one family interests, now in retirement are that of being a husband and father.  But as you are aware these responsibilities become quickly related to care for the house, gardening for his wife and supporting his college-age children.


Ed's private interests in liberal arts relate to a broad area of communications; but generally in a spare moment he enjoys toying with supporting his wife's professional music creation, production or performing to assist her when able in the Christian and Folk genre's.  His musical influence comes from his enjoyment and interpretation in the American art forms of Blues, Rhythm 'n Blues and Jazz.  But in analysis these influences direct him to Soul or Gospel interests at church.


Like many artists who do not want to be limited by the generally depressed income associated with their interests; Ed found that his individualism did not fit well with the expectation for corporate conformation. 


Often leadership is born out of necessity.  Because of his individual nature, Ed sought out his own course in life; and as a result he made a discovery in faith, he now credits fully to his Maker.  Ed found the self respect he often felt was missing; and as a result obtained real freedom in his identity in life.


What can be summed up in a few short paragraphs?  Just a small amount of information can be detailed.  Often we center on the hope that success brings?  Yes!  Why should we bring on any acclaim for sorrow?  Isn't there already to much bad news?


"TC Topps," a convenient alternate ego, thinks that the economic and social conditions of today have forced another change in Ed Gross' outlook.  Today he has become a "Renaissance Man for the 21st Century!"


As always,