Welcome to your Market Place! 


As the original creators of the '5D - Process Director', we hope you enjoy the program topics assembled on Discovery, Design, Develop, Demonstrate and Direct action.


We have created, developed and run small businesses much like the one you are contemplating.   Our past experience running franchise businesses has realized advantages in knowing the strengths of each business system. 


Franchise systems are a fine business opportunity for entrepreneurs starting out.  They are also great turnkey operations for wealthy investors who can afford a large franchise system.  But after 10 or 20 years franchise termination, why should you, the franchisee, have the additional stress of starting over?  We believe for most small investors, if properly prepared, that developing your own business plan will make more sense long term. 


Through the years we have personally witnessed the many pitfalls that owners run into.  You name it.  We have dealt with them in one way or another. 


That is what makes our sales and consulting business unique.  Because of our broad experience and commitment to technology advancements, E L Gross Enterprises LLC is able to bring practical knowledge and assessment tools to evaluate a business opportunity.   


Ultimately our goal is to provide assistance that should define your concept of a small business through to a turnkey operation that will take on additional promise. E L Gross Enterprises LLC business consulting services are multi tiered.  We want our clients to take advantage of a price structure to meet their needs, budget and pace of development.


Why should you adversely put at risk the early years of your business development?  A better understanding of the design, development and demonstration phase will increase the likelihood of your business success. 


Our services will save you valuable time and the costly expense of making unneeded planning mistakes.  Take a look at our site links to get an understanding of the services available to business owners who are just starting or want to grow to the next level.


Visit us again,


Edw. Gross