Why Redefine StoryBoard?


Look at each segment and discover that many of the segmented Creative StoryLine elements have qualities that stand on their own. Redevelop each element in each segment restating them such that they can stand independently or contribute more significantly as a lead element of the selected segment currently being reviewed.


In this manner a Creative StoryLine may conceptualize several different outcomes.  In effect your descriptive line of activity may now include several strands of thinking.  You will have created a stronger case for or against the segmented item that you seek to bring to market.  Thus the new ideas developed may have created additional opportunities to explore.


Redefining of a segmented Creative StoryLine will include your research on each element of a concept you consider important to completing a journey to the Design tier.


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How do we Segment into a Creative StoryLine?


A Creative Story is the rough draft of your ideas. In ELGross Enterprises LLC's process they are developed into an organization of ideas that have additional facets that we term as "segments." The process of analysis in a Creative Story becomes known for ranking by its segmentation. 


It is this important refining of your Creative Story that gives it a new distinction.   Analysis of the construction in the Creative Story descriptive activity details a process in regard to the subject being studied.  The segmented concepts in a Creative Story development and placement of those elements for separate comparison require definition and analytical tools.  The Creative Story process when understood clearly depicts the relationship of each segment.  Each segment in the Creative Story can however often stand on its own merits, find new importance or later be used in a different more coordinated and specific manner in the development of new ideas and/or refinement of current interests. 


It is the thorough classification and analysis of information that details a Creative Story and its segmentation.  When it has achieved this level of refinement the segmented Creative Story actively describes a line of activity that is known as its "Creative StoryLine." 


The content of a creative process has no real beginning or end.  Thus, we will look at the accumulation of the information as it affects the outcome of each part in a segmented Creative StoryLine.


Use elements of a Creative Story to structure a segmented Creative StoryLine.

You can structure the segments in any order as they all affect change at different times.  It would be most practical however to lay them out from the beginning of an idea construction through completion of the various tasks to get the idea ready for market.  Even a rough idea has an interpretation of its first beginning and imagined process to get to market. Depict each segment relationship to the other segments you are focusing on in developing your Creative StoryLine.



What is a Creative Story about services and products?


Did you expect an out of the box ready to go marketing program?  For some that is the allure of having someone else do the hard work for you.  ELGross Enterprises LLC does not believe that any practical business idea can work that way today.  


A short term business idea like going door to door selling of a simple service or product will not yield good results.  Even that activity generally requires a city permit. So what are you going to do when you run out of doors to knock on or the season changes to your slow time?  Wait till the next cycle? I would hope not. 


With the onslaught of technology and increased options, any marketing project put together lacking a well thought out direction and process is not likely to have long term success and value. 


To begin E.L. Gross Enterprises LLC process, a Creative Story will have as elements:


  • A dream or vision
  • Can be elaborated
  • Serves a need or want
  • Presents an opportunity for change
  • Can be documented with research
  • Creator has a passion for idea
  • Conceptualized differently
  • Artistic interpretation clarifies 
  • Can readily be sold on-line, in field or retail
  • Provide value to end user
  • Can be readily serviced via web and/or onsite if neccessary
  • Fulfills creators hope to actualize their concept
  • Do-able in a reasonable manner
  • Can be marketed thru additional channels
  • Research and cost analysis match a budget

Individual elements of your Creative Story will develop as you continue the process.  This is an enjoyable brain storming process.  We like to utilize it to validate initial interest in a concept and help the new Creative Story move in the right direction.  Often a session brings on whole new attributes that had not been thought of previously. The Creative Story tier is very valueable.  E.L. Gross Enterprises LLC is careful to detail it for future reference.


Types of Creative Story Interests

There are basic areas of discovery that contribute to a Creative Story.  They are classified for use in our segmented Creative StoryLine tier.

  • Artistic Expression
  • Emotional Attachment
  • Business Function
  • Perceived Value
  • Market Acceptance


Artistic Expression

Any element of a Creative Story that could be described as a graphic, visual or extra sensory in artistic expression

  • Not the website or advertising campaign but the effect processing color and graphic design, photo and other media that depict the service or product in use as a sensory experience
  • The simple immediate visual concept of the product or service 
  • The action created by the use of the product or service
  • The socialization as a result of concept as a by-product  


Emotional Attachment

We become emotionally attached to a concept because of the creative process.  Is this an ownership of the idea that is interferring with clear thinking on the Creative Story?

How might the product or service be made more attractive to potential purchasers?  This area would describe the reaction to Creative Story concept and what might cause a resulting commitment to purchase product or service.


Business Function

How does any business consideration in the creative story effect the process?


Perceived Value

How is the perceived value affected by the accumulation of ideas in Creative Story?


Market Acceptance

How might the Creative Story be accepted in the market place?